HTC One gets priced in the UK, costs £510 SIM free

The hotly announced HTC One is launching next month across the globe, but its UK price has already been confirmed.
Clove UK announced that it's going to sell the HTC One for £510 unlocked in both Silver and Black (no mention of the red version yet). That is actually a surprisingly good starting point for HTC's Android flagship. It's also cheaper than the iPhone 5, which currently sales for £529 for the 16GB version and £599 if you want to get as much storage as the base HTC One.
Phones4U has the device on offer with contracts from multiple UK carriers. If you don't mind singing a 2-year deal, then you'll be happy to know that the HTC One will cost just £99.00 with a £33.00/month plan from Vodafone. Orange is also offering the smartphone for free on a £36.00/month plan.
While waiting for the HTC One to land in stores, you can check for yourself whether the carrier in your country is going to offer the HTC One. Judging by HTC's efforts to launch the One on as many markets as possible, there's a good chance you won't be left out.

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